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Rodents may appear harmless and even cute, but they can cause serious problems. Rats, mice, gophers, raccoons, and voles are not only unpleasant when scuttling around your home uninvited, but they also can:

Rodents are not just pesky pests but can cause serious harm to your house. Left unchecked, their gnawing on materials such as wood and insulation could result in high repair costs down the line.

Rodents carry parasites and diseases that can harm humans, such as Hantavirus, rabies, and salmonella. Rodent droppings may also cause severe respiratory illnesses.

Our Three-Rodent Extermination Process

Thorough Rodent Inspection

Rodent Extermination and Removal

Rodent Preventive Plan

Rats and Other Rodents Species in Phoenix

Thorough Rodent Inspection technicians are experts at identifying rodent activity and finding their hiding places. We will thoroughly inspect your home or business to determine how extensive the infestation is and what type of rodents are present.

On the day of the inspection, we will:

  1. Inspect the possible infestation location such as attics, wall voids, and any other areas where rodents may be hiding
  2. Look for gnaw marks, burrows, and droppings that could indicate a rodent infestation.
  3. Design and Implement Rodent Control Plan based on the Inspection

Once our inspection is complete, we will design a personalized rodent control plan based on the findings. Therefore, our inspection is vital in ensuring the most effective solution tailored to your specific needs.

Safe and Fast Acting Rat Exterminator in Phoenix is a licensed and professional pest control service provider in Phoenix. We provide safe and fast-acting rat exterminator services to keep your home and business free of rodents. All our methods are humane and eco-friendly, meaning we use no harmful poisons or chemicals.

Rodents and rodents of all types, including rats, are drawn to homes in search of food. Garbage cans give rodents an easy access point to various food sources, especially ones left uncovered or out on the street. This makes them highly attractive to rodents, who can easily burrow into the trash searching for sustenance.

Leaking pipes and faucets also provide a source of water rodents need to survive, while closets and other dark nooks within the home may offer ideal locations for rodents to build their nests. Ultimately, any place offering rodents a source of nutrition and shelter — like many homes — will be attractive to these creatures.

Rodents can cause a lot of havoc in your home and should be taken care of as soon as their presence is detected. The most common signs that you have a rodent infestation are seeing rodents scurrying around indoors, tracing the rodents’ footsteps on the floor or other surfaces, and hearing mysterious squeaking or scratching noises coming from within your walls.

Other signs include finding droppings or nests in dark, hidden spaces such as in cupboards or behind appliances; gnawed furniture and food packaging; foul odors; and evidence of rodents having chewed through electrical wiring. If any of these signs become apparent, it is important to immediately contact a pest control professional for assistance.

Mice and rats are more than just nuisance pests; they can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Therefore, identifying these rodents is essential to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Rats are larger than mice, and some of the common species that you may find are Norway rats and Roof rats. Norway rats are typically brown or gray and have a body of 8 to 10 inches long. At the same time, Roof rats are usually brown with scattered black hairs and have a body length of 6-8 inches in length, including the tail. Their tails are notably longer than their head and body combined.

On the other hand, mice are much smaller than rats and usually have a white or light brown color. They usually measure between 2-3 inches in length, including the tail. Their tail is generally the same size as their head and body combined. Mice also have larger ears for their head size.

The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is to call a professional pest control company. They can inspect your home for potential entry points and advise you on measures to take to protect your property from a rodent infestation. However, you can take some preventive measures on your own to reduce the likelihood of a rodent infestation.

The first step is to ensure food is not left out and that all trash receptacles are regularly emptied and stored in sealed containers. It is also important to keep entry points into your homes blocked, such as holes or cracks around doors or windows, and to seal off any openings leading into your attic or basement. Maintaining a clean environment with no clutter is also important; rodents will use it as shelter and may even nest in it. Finally, it is recommended to remove all potential sources of food and water, such as pet food and bird feeders, from around the exterior of your home.

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